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I host Chaos Reigns every sunday at 6pm est! I play a mix of everything. I like alot of styles and genres. I like the 50s rock(Buddy Holly,Elvis etc.),60s and 70s classic rock. 80s retro(Cure,REM,Flock Of Seagulls etc.) and 80s rock and metal(Skid Row,Motley Crue,Judas Priest,Metallica etc) as well as most hard rock and metal of all genres(my favorite metal genre is Doom/Stoner,Thrash and Death). I also like Delta Blues(Robert Johnson,Muddy Waters,Howlin Wolf etc.),Alternative music,some country and alot of weird stuff. My favorite vocalists are Axl Rose,Mike Patton and Josh Homme. My favorite Metal bands are Pantera,The Acacia Strain,Crowbar,Acid Bath,Slayer,Nothingface and Sepultura. My fave band from the 60s and 70s is Yes and Black Sabbath. My favorite Alternative artists are David Bowie,Modest Mouse,The Cure,REM and Built To Spill. I also really dig a few bands that arent so easy to clasify such as Mr. Bungle,Queens Of The Stone Age and El Creepo!. I like all projects by Josh Homme,Todd Smith and Mike Patton. You will hear some of all of that on my show and much much more!! I also do a segment each week called "Dale Chaotic's Odd Ass Cove Of The Week" where I will play an odd cover of a known song. Itll either make ya laugh,cheer,cry or throw up in your mouth a little but either way it will be fun!!! I also have merch so be sure to check out the DJ merch tab!! SEE YOU IN CHAT!

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